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Trophies Calgary

Hall of Fame, Calgary Trophy Shops, is proud to offer a great variety of choices in the Awards category. We serve Corporations, Non-profit Agencies, and Sports Teams and Leagues of all levels. Whatever your needs, we are happy to accommodate.


Are you looking to celebrate a Corporate Milestone? Sales reward programs, financial tombstones, or corporate gifts, are great ideas for marking any achievement, we can help. We also have crystal vases, and an assortment of glass and crystal drink ware, popular with events held in the business community.


Sporting Achievements

Whatever sport you are cheering on, we will be there to help recognize your athletes with the highest quality medals and awards; beautifully custom crafted in a variety of metals and finishes to suit your budget, with expert attention to detail and quality control.


Here at Hall of Fame we eat, sleep and breathe Hockey. We love it, so it’s pretty easy to be excited about what we do! We believe that every player that receives any award celebrates their own “NHL Moment” and that moment deserves the best. We specialize in creating quality, unique and custom pieces that stand out. A few of our specialties:


  • Medals – Custom & Stock
  • Lapel pins
  • Hockey Tournaments
  • Golf Tournament awards & giveaways
  • Dance medals
  • Soccer medals
  • Football medals
  • Baseball medals
  • Awards & Medals for all sporting events

We also provide traditional and resin trophies, plaques, unique Canadiana ideas, including Inukshuks, crystal and glass awards, granite and stone pieces that can be as unique as the recipient or presenter themselves.


However above all that, where we really shine is with our custom pieces. If you are looking for something really distinctive, a “one of a kind” piece, let us work with you. Together with our designers we will all come up with a truly signature piece. We love to bring your concepts to life!


“By its folk lore, the name Excalibur depicts a weapon, hand forged by man or higher forces, of highly ornate steel that warriors carry onto a battle field to vanquish their foes. In modern sport, hockey sticks, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, a tennis racquet or golf clubs are exactly that, the weapon of choice on your personal field of glory.”
Trophies Calgary

The Excalibur Sports Awards represent a new era in the Awards industry. Each award is carefully handcrafted and forged by a metal artisan. As in life, there are no two exactly alike. They are then individually numbered, electroplated, and each comes with its own certificate verifying that it is an authentic Excalibur Sports Award.


The first in the series is the hockey stick. These sticks are full size steel and are forged to match a players own stick, including length and curve only plated in a number of different finishes to suit your needs.
We then help you design the text signifying the event or milestone that you are acknowledging with this prestigious award.


We have also developed smaller versions that can be wall or plaque mounted, as well as upright sticks and puck which can be mounted on glass bases. We can produce pieces for outside mounting and architectural purposes.


We developed the Excalibur line while working with Hockey Canada and it has grown from there.

Calgary Trophy Shops


We are extremely proud that Hayley Wickenheiser, Danielle Goyette and Jayna Hefford received the Excalibur Sports Award for scoring 100 Goals in International competition. Congratulations once again to these amazing athletes!

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